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This was some of my older amateur radio's and antenna's that I had back some 20+ years ago when I lived in Vinton, CA located in the High Sierra Valley, just off Hyway 70 back in the late 1990's. Was big-time in to 2 meter Side Band and FM operations. Antenna height's ranged from 30ft high, to 65ft high. Wattage output power ranged from 1 watt, to 150 watts. Sadly.. do not have any of it anymore. All the photo's are of course, very old, so that's why they are not real clear.

< Home where I lived and what it all looked liked from the outside. All antenna
coax was the 1/2" good ole hard line kind >

< This was a CushCraft A148-20T antenna that I used for SSB and FM which was
located on top of a 65ft crankup tower >

< This was a 9 element horizontal M2 (M-Squared brand) 2M9SSB that was located
up at 65ft on the tower originally. Moved it down to 36ft later on. The 2
white plastic PVC little pipes on the driven element, were to keep
the snow and ice from wackin out the SWR in the winter times.. my fix for it >

< This was a 7 element horizontal/vertical beam antenna that I made out of old
style TV antenna parts n pieces. Had it mounted up at 36ft >

< This was a 2 meter horizontal omni-directional antenna that a Ham operator that
lived in Carson built and sold. Dont remember who it was. Had it up at 36ft also >

< This was my radio room and table. Lots of 12v cooling fans on everything. All radio's
and amplifiers were mobile styles with 12v DC power supplies in house >

< This was a Mirage B-1018-G 2mtr multi-mode 150w amplifier and a
Kenwood PS-30 power supply >

< A Kenwood TS751A 2mtr multi-mode mobile radio >

< A Radio Shack HTX-202, that yes, I do still have nowdays and it still works great >

< This was a Ranger 10 - 11 mtr radio and a Samlex 20-25 amp power supply >

< OK.. I know.. looks scarey, but it worked great during those long power outages.
3 car batteries and 1 motorcycle battery, all hooked together for DC power backup.
Charger if and when needed also >

< A Panasonic SW all mode receiver. Dont remember exact model number >

< Was member of this SWOT radio club and net. Net control was based by an operator down
in Vacaville, CA. Usually every Sunday evening at 8:00pm PST on 144.250 USB, there
would be check-in net from all over n wherever. Whether it still happens
nowdays or not, I do not know >

< Antique isn't it!! My first ever PC back in the late 1990's. Had Windows 98 on it >

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