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(Pic below here)
For right now, and continuing in to the future, as of March 2019, I do NOT live in California anymore!
I am in eastern Nevada. A place called West Wendover, Nevada. It's on the border of Nevada and Utah,
I-80, near the Bonneville Salt Flats. Here is a pic of where I am living at nowdays.

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(Pic below here)
All I have right at this time, is a TRAM 2 mtr - 440 mtr dual band base antennna at my home. The ground
plane of the antenna is about 25ft up. This particular pic I just recently took and updated Jnauary 2021,
after still gradually getting things setup. The deal in the middle-right is weather sensor about 20ft up.
The taller one on right is my security cameras at 30ft.
I got the Cushcraft A-148-10T beam and rotor all hooked up and operational now at 35-40 feet
as of November 1st, 2020. Come sometime this Spring-Summer 2021 when the weather gets better,
I am planning on stacking another 10 element beam above the one I currently have, plus going another
10 to 20ft higher with it.
The diapole just below the Tram base antenna, is a homebrew 6mtr I built and put up about a month ago.
Only tried it once, but it's there. Using it for 6mtr SSB, which is dead for nowdays.

(Pic below here)
**This is a photo of what my radio's are lookin like as of August 20th, 2020.
*The mobile radio that I'm using, to the right, as of August 19th, 2020 is a new Yaesu FT-2980.
FM operations. It has 4 steps from 5 watts to 80 watts power output.
**The radio to the left, I got July 23rd, 2020. It's a Yaesu FT-818ND All Mode,
which I will be using as a SSB radio for 2mtr, 6 mtr and 10 mtr. Have it plugged in to my 2mtr
10 element beam antenna and have been listening on the 144.200 USB call
frequency off and on during the day, evenings times, and various directions.
**Power supply is an older version Samlex 20-25amp.

(Pic below here)
**This is some of my newest stuff I just got on August 24th, 2020.
*On the left is a MFJ-4035MV 35amp Variable power supply.
*On the right is a Mirage B-1018-G 2mtr FM & SSB 160watt amplifier.
*In the middle is a Hy-gain AR-500 programmable rotor control.
*I did get a Cushcraft A148-10T 2mtr beam antenna, which is up and running.
*This is what it is all looking like. Got it all set up and working now.

(Pic below here)
**This is what it is all looking like for now. As of March 5th, 2021 it has been all hooked up and working now.

(Pic below here)
**On the evening of November 29th, 2020 I was able to make my first 2mtr SSB contact from Wendover!
220 miles away from here, to Southern Utah, Cedar City, UT. Jon, NR7T was the contact QSO.
It will be one of my routeen SWOT Nets to participate in from now on :-) It is called the
"Southern Utah 2mtr Roundtable", which meets on 144.250 USB on Sunday evenings at 7:00 pm MST.

Thanks for checkin it all out :-)
Updates for newer nowdayz stuffs, comin soon!

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